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When a pandemic happens, you begin to fear for your family. It may be too late to get necessary supplies to keep your family safe and healthy, though. I mean, just look at those times when a bad storm is imminent and the store sells out of essentials.  

With a pandemic, it will be tough to get the most important things you need, so you  must stock up on them ahead of time and be prepared. Here are the most important items to keep on hand.

Bleach Is Vital For Health and Safety

Bleach is an inexpensive, yet important solution for cleaning. It kills germs better than just about anything else.  It can be used to sanitize surfaces by diluting it with water. You can also use it to disinfect soiled linens if someone in your home is affected by illness.  

Bleach can also be used for water purification when needed. Because you dilute bleach for every use, you don’t need to have huge amounts on hand. Having two or three gallons per person in your household is a good idea.

Bleach needs to be stored in a temperature controlled environment away from very high heat or temperatures below freezing. In the proper conditions, it has a shelf life of about one year, so make sure that you rotate it and replace it when necessary.

Gloves Will Protect Against Infection

Gloves are essential safety equipment to allow you to touch surfaces and infected people without worrying about contracting the infection. Ideally, you should purchase non-latex gloves so anyone can use them regardless of skin allergies.

Make sure that you have gloves in a variety of sizes.  Remember that gloves can only be used one time, so you want to have a good amount saved up.  A good number to aim for is 4 boxes of gloves per household.

Turn to Simple Cleaning Solutions

One of the best things you can use to clean your home is plain old soap and water. Antibacterial soap is not necessary, as it only causes bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics and doesn’t do anything special for viruses.  

Brands such as Dawn and Ivory, or castile soap are all good for storage.  Make sure to purchase extra when you find these items on sale.

If you’re running low on cleaning supplies, you can also get natural disinfection by using sunlight. Items exposed to direct sunlight for at least six hours will be disinfected.  

Hanging items on a clothesline, or placing them on the ground where they get direct sunlight are great alternatives to help you conserve your disinfecting supplies.

What's your go-to disinfecting tip? Share in the comments below!